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The future of food consuming and food ordering

Create Menu. Browse. (Pre)Order. Right from any smartphone
Your menu, designed for mobile

The most user-friendly mobile menu. Completely customizable. Make changes in seconds and start ordering or monetizing.

Order a meal package (food and drink) with a tap

Contactless ordering, right from any smartphone. No tablets, apps, or waiters required.

Paying the bill has never been easier

Orders (pre)payed-(pre)charged by others (by your company or employer you work for) in seconds. Turn new orders at record speeds.

We have created an innovative solution that reduces costs, increases profits, prevents food waste and as well contributes to maintaining the overall health of our society. Introducing the OptiMenu platform


OptiMenu and OptiMeal-a platform that bridges the gap between the healthy food suppliers and the food consumers preferences
OptiMenus Dashboard simplifies management between canteens and food consumers in companies, schools, hospitals, leisure facilities, day-care centers, retirement homes, and more.

Paperless System

Fully paperless operations save significant time, resources, and money by eliminating traditional coupon distribution across consumers including employees, students, and event attendees.

Customized Catering

Customize catering operations to match user preferences and organizational policies, providing precise pre-order stats and consumption tracking to ensure efficient operation and reduce wastage.

Efficient Management

Optimize management with a multi-user platform thats easy to install and operate, enhancing the efficiency and security of food service operations, thus reducing potential system manipulation.

Resource Optimization

Track and manage resources effectively across the entire supply and value chain, helping to minimize waste in canteens, caterings, and restaurants by accurately monitoring resources.

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